[Q&A] How to Make Your Clinical Research Site Stand Out in a Crowded Industry

How do you maintain a relationship with a sponsor or CRO when your main contact leaves the organization? This is always a challenge as there is a large amount of

CNS Summit is Moving CNS Research Forward

Leaders in technology and Drug Development met at CNS Summit 2017, down in Boca Raton, FL. Team members from both BTC Network and ClinEdge attended the conference and had the

ClinEdge and BTC Network Expand Service Offerings

Our growing companies ClinEdge and BTC Network have consolidated their offices and built out a new state of the art space located in North Quincy, MA. Streamlining operations, increasing collaboration

How to Find the Hidden Studies

In order for a physician to successfully land a study in an area your site has no experience in, you will have to approach feasibility from a different perspective. In this article we answer some of the most common questions asked by research sites on how to find those hidden studies to grow your pipeline.

[Q&A] Regulatory Affairs, Questions Answered

[Q&A] Regulatory Affairs, Questions Answered The world’s first ever clinical trial was conducted by King Nebuchadnezzar in 562BCE and is recorded in the Book of Daniel. The king hypothesized that

How To Prepare Your Regulatory Binder

Regulatory affairs can be complicated, as many FDA guidelines are just that – guidelines. In our upcoming webinar, Kasi Bettencourt, Project Director at BTC Network, will address these issues along with other common regulatory questions. 

[Q&A] FDA & IRB Inspections

Special thanks to all who attended our webinar “FDA & IRB Inspections: What Sites Need to Know”. We had some great questions from the audience during our Q&A session, which

Case Study:  Migraines

BTC Network stepped in with a comprehensive recruitment proposal that allowed the team to reach active and motivated patients who were more likely to be interested in participating in the migraine study. View the case study!

Effective Advertising Budget Negotiation Strategies

Many times sites are either not aware of their options for advertising funds or are too afraid to ask. In this blog, we’ve outlined some practical advertising budget negotiation tips.

Contracts & Budgets: Q&A

Webinar Q&A If you missed it you can watch the entire webinar online – here. Below are some questions we received during the presentation. If you have additional questions about