Ep 1: Pros/Cons to Phase I Units & How to be Successful


Ep. 1: Pros/Cons to Phase I Units & How to be Successful

Recorded: January 9th, 2018 1:00 PM EST

Scott Palmese & Christian Burns review the pros and cons to early phase units that take into consideration a number of factors, including overall operation, business development, infrastructure, therapeutic focus and marketing. This is for sites that are considering getting into phase I studies or sites that already have a phase l unit.


About the Presenters:

Scott Palmese

Vice President of Site Network, BTC Network

Scott joined BTC Network in 2014 and previously held a variety of responsibilities at the research site level. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the BTC Network team and provides guidance for the continued growth of the network. He specializes in operations, business development, and financial management for research sites.

Christian Burns

Vice President, BTC Network

Christian serves as a strategic partner in the management and operations of the BTC Network. He oversees the business development, site management and performance metrics of the network to ensure all sites are meeting and maintaining the high-performing standards set forth by the company.
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