[Q&A] Financing Clinical Trials

Following his recent webinar, “Financing Clinical Trials: Appropriate Compensation and Allocation of Study Budgets,” Scott Palmese VP of Site Networks responds to attendee questions, addressing start-up fees, fair market value,

Contracts & Budgets: Q&A

Webinar Q&A If you missed it you can watch the entire webinar online – here. Below are some questions we received during the presentation. If you have additional questions about

What’s The Most Efficient Way To Get A Study Off The Ground?

Our Sponsor clients come in confidently knowing we are able to coordinate the process from start to end, see why.

Top 2 Hurdles Research Sites Face in Budget Negotiations

Negotiating budgets for clinical trials can cause a lot headaches, particularly at the site-level. Most sites already have ideas for optimizing their operations, but can’t quite “get to yes” during budgetary discussions with sponsors. In our experience, sites face two structural disadvantages, listed in this article, when hammering out study budgets with sponsors.

BlueTheory Announces Rebrand to BTC Network New Business Model will Streamline All Clinical Trial Needs

BlueTheory Clinical Trials, an exclusive financial team with +15 years of experience in strategic financial planning in the clinical research industry, has announced its rebrand to be even more streamlined