Utilizing a Call Center to Maximize Your Recruitment Strategy


Utilizing a Call Center to Maximize Your Recruitment Strategy

This Webinar was previously recorded on August 24th, 2017. Click the link below to watch the recording.

Utilizing various marketing strategies is great way to increase your patient inquires – but its also imperative that your site staff can keep up with a large amount of leads. If your site is unable to reach potential subject participants due to a huge influx of leads, utilizing a call center may help to maximize your recruitment strategies. In this presentation, hosted by Marisol Ocasio and Edvina Mirkovic, we will discuss how to effectively maximize your advertising budget to increase recruitment and how employing a call center can help boost your enrollment while reducing the burden on your site.

This webinar will cover:

  • The importance of maximizing your marketing budget to increase patient recruitment
  • Why it is critical to report your return on investment to sponsors and how that may help you to request additional advertising funds
  • The benefits of having a full time enrollment specialist and how it can help to reduce your site’s burden
  • Examples of effective outreach and strategies for implementation
  • How to track your pre-screenings to assist with recruitment management

About the Presenters:

Marisol Ocasio

Director of Patient Enrollment for BTC Network

Marisol Ocasio is the Director of Patient Enrollment for BTC Network. Her passion for healthcare began early on when she interned at a clinical research site, which exposed her to patient recruitment and coordinating. Since then, she has developed a thorough knowledge of the industry and utilizes her skills to support clinical research companies to reach their recruitment goals.


Edvina Mirkovic

Marketing Project Coordinator for BTC Network

Edvina Mirkovic is the Marketing and Project Coordinator for BTC Network. Edvina implements new marketing strategies to increase patient recruitment for clinical research sites nationwide across a variety of indications. Edvina uses her clinical research and project management background to implement customized patient recruitment and retention initiatives.

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