The BTC Network has an internal project management team that will centralize all aspects of the clinical research process:

Start Up

  • Configure mutual confidentiality among all network sites
  • Projection of total enrollment through centralized feasibility
  • Setup of centralized contract and budget for all sites
  • Coordination of all study start-up meetings with sites (investigator meeting, trainings, etc)
  • Collaboration with CRO to ensure study documents are completed in a timely manner


The BTC Clinical Trial Manager will be the liaison between the sponsor/CRO team and the sites

  • Review of site performance & protocol compliance
  • Discussion of enrollment numbers and proactive resource management with the sites
  • Centralized grant payments, reconciliation, and pass-through invoicing
  • Ongoing QA review, including SAE reporting and periodic on-site visits

Close Out

  • QA and processing of IRB close-out reports
  • Coordination of expedited EDC signing
  • Return or destruction of study product
  • Study archiving coordination
  • Processing of any holdback percentage


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