BTC Academy

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BTC Academy


  • Submitting New Clinicians & Sites (Interactive)
  • Protocol Amendments
  • Delegation of Authority Log
  • (Video Training) Upkeep of Regulatory Binder
  • Master Drug Accountability


  • Source Document Completion Guidance
  • (Video Training) Collecting Vital Signs
  • (Video Training) Collecting an ECG
  • (Video Training) Processing Specimen
  • SAE- AE- Pregnancy Reporting
  • Completing CRFs/ Answering Queries
  • Preparing for Monitor Visits

 Coming March 2018:

Courses will provide specific training on patient recruitment, including the prescreening process, chart review, updating CTMS, and campaign proposals. Our team will also discuss will discuss how to maximize ad dollars, negotiate marketing budgets, etc.


Coming June 2018:

Courses will be focused on business difficulties sites encounter. This includes business development and pipeline management as well as financial management, including contracts & budgets, receivable management, and accounting. The courses will also review key performance indicators for sites – what to measure, how to measure and how to maximize site capabilities.

Benefits for participating in BTC Academy:

✓  Convenient

✓  Ease of use

✓  24/7 Accessibility

✓  Enhanced knowledge of startup through trial completion

  Cost Effective: Current clients will receive the modules and tech support

BTC Network is North America’s leading clinical research group. Based just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, our network includes more than 50 multi-therapeutic sites. All BTC research sites collaborate with or are part of private practices, giving us access to over 100,000 patients.

108 Myrtle Street, Quincy, MA 02171  |  P: 857-284-7574