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BTC Academy

Welcome to the BTC Academy, an interactive training platform covering all aspects of clinical research produced by research professionals.

Why did we decide to create a learning academy?

Currently there are few specific training structures available for study coordinators, investigators, research assistants, regulatory specialists, or recruitment personnel on the market. BTC Academy’s goal is to​ positively impact the industry by providing training courses covering everything needed to be successful in clinical research.

BTC Academy is a virtual training program that is equally beneficial for both onboarding and training of new staff and as ‘refresher’ courses for experienced professionals. ​The BTC Academy is created by experienced research site professionals who have dedicated years to understanding what site personnel need to know. The courses cover topics from how the consenting process works to how to collect an EKG. It will also cover frequent regulatory gray areas and share real-world examples from experienced professionals.

Primary Benefits of BTC Academy:

✓   Gain extensive knowledge on all aspects of clinical research from the site perspective:

  • Regulatory
  • Coordinating (day to day activities)
  • Site infrastructure
  • Recruitment barriers and how to overcome them
  • Business development
  • Contracting and negotiating the study budgets

✓   Relieve the burden of staff training and reduce time for on-site training

✓   Utilize the platform as a reference point for any site questions

✓   Re-train new staff in a breeze and access your training at any time

✓   Save more money on training 

Available Courses:


I’m sure most of us can agree, regulatory is the most tedious and quite yawn worthy topic in our industry. A lot of clinical research professionals from clinical coordinator, regulatory specialist to the site manager have head scratching moments concerning regulatory while conducting human trials. Our goal is to ease your pain and provide influential support in this process.  The course includes:

  • Core Values of Conducting Clinical Trials
  • Submitting to the Institutional Review Board
  • Regulatory Binder
  • And more!


This interactive training platform provides study coordinators, investigators, research assistants, and other site personnel with the information they need to run a successful trial. The content of the Clinical Research Coordinator course is full of up-to-date information curated by research site professionals who are regularly working in the field at various BTC Network site locations.  This course includes:

  • Source Document Completion Guidance
  • (Video Training) Collecting Vital Signs
  • (Video Training) Collecting an ECG
  • (Video Training) Processing Specimen
  • SAE- AE- Pregnancy Reporting
  • Completing CRFs/ Answering Queries
  • Preparing for Monitor Visits
  • And more!

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