Site Selection & Feasibility Services

Learn more about our strategy for successful site selection.
Our experienced business development team can vet our larger network of sites for each trial presented to us by our sponsor/CRO partners. Based on the study-specific criteria, we can ensure only the best-suited investigators are put forth for consideration.
BTC Network Partner Sites:
  • Specialize in all major therapeutic areas
  • Average over 10 years of research experience in over 120 therapeutic indications
Pre-Screening Process:
  • In-depth feasibility evaluations conducted for all studies based on the critical factors that will make your study successful
Speedy Start-Up:
  • BTC Network works alongside our best-fit sites to expedite the successful submission of all start-up documents
  • A global CDA between BTC Network and your team can be utilized to cover all sites
  • Site documentation, including CVs and medical licenses, are available through the BTC Network team for your convenience

“BTC Network is built upon its expert and dedicated investigators each of whom is a vital part of running a successful trial. Our efficient approach to trial management and operations enables sites to effectively recruit, and run clinical trials in all therapeutic areas.”

–Scott Palmese

Director of Clinical Operations

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