Learn more about study start-up services for your clinical research site.

Filling open clinical research positions at private research sites is a time-consuming process. To overcome hiring obstacles and optimize your facility’s capabilities, we developed a candidate matching system to meet your unique staffing needs.

The BTC Approach

WE IDENTIFY: PIs, Sub-Is, Study Raters and Coordinators, Clinical Nurses, Research Assistants, Recruitment Specialists, and more.

WE OFFER: An understanding of your therapeutic area(s), infrastructure, work culture, and growth areas.

WE PERFORM: Phone screenings, interviews, and reference checks on all candidates, allowing us to confidentially discuss any concerns with you in advance.

WE ARRANGE: Flexible payment models based on your organization’s needs.

WE PROVIDE: Two staffing structures for you to select.

  • Direct employee of BTC Network
  • Client is invoiced on a biweekly basis for time worked
  • BTC manages the employee and offers benefits
  • Direct employee of client
  • Flexible payment models
  • Continued support throughout duration of contract

Our expert staffing team matches potential candidates to the aptitude, attitude, culture fit, skills, and experience of the top performers at your organization. We focus on ensuring there is a mutually beneficial professional fit. The end result? An experienced, diverse, and fully staffed clinical research team with proven talent.

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