BTC Integrated Sites

BTC Network and affiliated sites are located throughout the U.S. and continue to expand throughout the nation.

BTC Network’s owned and integrated sites are all equipped with everything needed for the successful conduct of a variety of clinical studies.

The industry is trending towards networks and centralized processes among groups of highly qualified sites – BTC Network sites will be on track to successfully conduct the most competitive studies offered by our sponsor and CRO partners. Each of these sites must meet rigorous screening requirements and be approved by the Executive Board in order to join. All BTC Network sites are required to have a full site infrastructure, a complete file of SOPs, and access to a robust patient population.

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BTC Network sites benefit from experienced clinical teams.

Our average investigator has at least 10 years of research experience and our average coordinator has at least 5 years of research experience. Our owned and integrated sites have access to several centralized resources, which allow for rapid start-up and faster rates of enrollment.

These centralized network resources include:

Centralized feasibility completion and assessment of potential new trials

Full time pre-screening staff that ensures we reach out to all accessible patients in a timely manner for each study

Access to a clinical trial manager team that acts as a main point of contact for all centralized resources and works with each site to make sure they maintain clean data

Dedicated patient recruitment staff that run all marketing campaigns for each trial

Experienced regulatory specialists that ensure all IRB submissions are clean and done quickly

BTC Network sites have worked with a number of prominent industry sponsors and CROs, including:

BTC Network sites also have access to the following standard equipment:

-20° Freezer
-70° Freezer

Electrocardiogram Machine

Digital Vital Signs Monitors

Refrigerators for Specimens

Refrigerated Centrifuges

12 lead EKG

Dry Ice

Secure storage with temperature control for investigational product

Ultra-low freezer with electronic monitoring system for sample storage

Automatic Cardiac Defibrillator Unit

For more information about potentially becoming a BTC Network Fully Integrated site, please fill the form below:
  • Stronger study pipelines through our top tier business development program

  • Increased budgets negotiated and managed by our financial team

  • Centralized receivables, grant payments, and pass through invoices

  • Enhanced patient recruitment and retention support, including call center access, rapid database prescreening, and full advertising and marketing services

  • Support for regulatory submissions and QA of documents

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