Revenue Cycle Management

Our professional finance team helps sites to increase their financial operations by more than 30%.

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Increase Efficiency, Cost-effectiveness, and Consistency with our Research Administration Services

A research intitution’s administration efforts can be complex and extensive. Our turn key professional services are built to both service institutions that are just getting into research as well as to maximize efforts at long-standing facilities. Our goals are to optimize your facility’s clinical research administration and billing compliance processes. Ensuring all internal departments, processes and teams flow together is critical to the efficiency of your clinical trials. Our experienced research team conducts in-depth reviews of our partner site organizations’ administrative processes and provides specific guidance regarding how to maximize efficiency and increase production with good quality data.

  • Accrual accounting, reconciliation, and research encounter adjudication, allowing institutions to improve cash flow, gain greater visibility into study financials and remain financially viable
  • Significant experience in all major therapeutic areas
  • Familiarity with all types of study protocols allows us to strategically negotiate study budgets at the procedural level
  • Weekly reporting on receivables
  • Integration into our financial platform that is customized to your site
  • Add study budgets, contract language and other start up procedures into the CTMS platform
  • Reconcile all ongoing studies on a monthly basis
  • Manage all contracts & budgets
  • Ensure all pass-through items are maximized to the  fullest potential
  • Month-end accounting completion
  • Invoicing all pass through costs and fees
  • Ongoing communication with sponsors/CROs to ensure timely payments
  • Flexible payment models
  • Greatly increase internal operational efficiencies
  • Leverage our extensive research administration experience
CTMS Services:
  •  General study set-up
  • Visit/element set-up
  • Variable budget entry
  • Fixed budget entry
  • Contract terms
Our experienced finance team thoroughly examines your practice to identify improvement opportunities and help implement an action plan